July 15, 2020
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Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: Free AGP Slot

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti
January 2, 2003 | Andy Largent

Jedi Knight II
Benchmarking Jedi Knight II can be done, it just take a little trickery to get the multiplayer app to recognize its own built-in demo. To do this, locate the "assets2.pk3" file in your JK2 "base" directory and use a utility to unzip it someplace you can get to it. There should be a file called "jk2ffa.dm_15" in a "demos" folder. Make a new "demos" folder in your "base" directory, and place the file there, making sure to rename it to "jk2ffa.dm_16" instead. Now, if you start up the multiplayer app and bring down the console (Shift ~), you should be able to say "timedemo 1" and play the demo with "demo jk2ffa" or use the demo menu option. After it's complete, page up in the console through some debug output to see the FPS score.

This is an intense demo which can bring down the mightiest of machines on the Highest options, because Jedi Knight II uses some very high-resolution textures. Since Jedi Knight II is one of the only retail titles to support NVIDIA FSAA, here's how the GeForce4 Ti performed with it both on and off:

Jedi Knight II, OS X

You can see the GeForce4 Ti does pretty well with this intense game, though enabling FSAA really puts a hit on the card. It's probably best to leave it off for any resolution above 800x600. Also note the GeForce drivers seem to have trouble distinguishing between 4x FSAA and 2x FSAA at this point.

The Radeon 9000 had so many troubles with the game on Highest, it's scores aren't listed here. (Update: OS X 10.2.3 adds texture compression, which greatly improves performance for the ATI card. Unfortunately these GeForce4 Ti numbers were taken before the update was released.)

Quake 3
Quake 3 has become an "old reliable" application for benchmarkers to use when comparing video cards. In the graphs below, you can see how the GeForce4 Ti performs against the ATI Radeon 9000 in both OS X and OS 9.

Quake 3, OS X

Quake 3, OS 9

The gap is pretty much the same for both operating systems, and as you can see the GeForce4 Ti holds a consistent lead throughout. The only place the card really starts to pull ahead is in higher resolutions for OS X.


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