December 10, 2018
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Genre: Board & Card
Min OS X: 10.5

Fairway Collector's Edition
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An interesting layout with angled cards

Buy irons to make long runs and great scores

Most courses are unlocked as you progress, but a few are available to buy for Golf Bucks

Briefly available on Facebook, Fairway Fever is currently an exclusive feature of the desktop game

In the Golf Shop you can use Golf Bucks to buy some great permanent bonuses

Play a really long drive and you'll win the Great Shot Bonus of 1000 Golf Bucks

An instalment of the cartoon story unlocks after you complete each of the first few course packs

There's plenty of card back and face designs to choose from in the options

A Perfect Score: always satisfying!

The grassy green cards represent rough, and have to be matched twice

The final score card for a course just completed

Some of the trophies, otherwise known as achievements

Using the 8 iron to continue a great shot

A water hazard: to remove the padlock, the sloshy blue cards must all be played

Hitting a Wild Shot: click Play for a pot-luck penalty, benefit or minigame


Archives  Reviews  Fairway Collector's Edition