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Friday, July 30, 2004

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Ghost Recon Mod Enabler Available
8:04 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Players of Ghost Recon may be interested in a new freeware application created by Flax Software. Called the Ghost Recon Mods Enabler, this program allows gamers to enable/disable various mods for Ghost Recon quickly and easily.

GhRME was created mainly to address the problem with multiplayer play, in which players must have all the same mods activated that the host is using.

GhRME shows you the mods you installed in Ghost Recon in a list. Each row has a checkbox, which indicates wether the mod is enabled or not. The utility allows you to modify the mods priority order. To do that, you just have to drag the checked rows in the list. The first checked row corresponds to the mod which has the biggest priority, and so on...
Flax has both OS 9 and OS X versions, available in both French and English. Download links can be found at their site.

Ghost Recon Mods Enabler
Aspyr Media
Red Storm

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Archives  News  Ghost Recon Mod Enabler Available