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Monday, November 10, 2014
Combat Mission: Black Sea Announced
12:35 PM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Battlefront.com recently announced its newest modern ground warfare simulation: Combat Mission - Black Sea. The new game depicts a fictional 2017 conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine. CM: BS features amphibious vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare, active protection systems, airburst munitions, surface-to-air missiles, and expanded soldier night vision systems.

Combat Mission: Black Sea includes the following new or enhanced features. These are just major new features. The list of tweaks and smaller changes to the simulation of modern equipment are too numerous to list here.

Note: Black Sea uses Version 3 of the Combat Mission game engine. Consequently new features are focused on bringing our modern equipment up to date as opposed to general engine changes.

Amphibious vehicles

    Water is no longer an obstacle! Most Russian and Ukrainian vehicles are now capable of swimming across the surface of water obstacles, giving them enhanced tactical utility
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
    The time of the combat drone is here. Available as a special type of air support for United States and Russian forces, the UAV is a game changer on the modern battlefield. From the toy-like hand launched RQ-11B Ravens to the lethal MQ-1C Gray Eagle, UAVs will prowl the skies of Combat Mission battlefields while they search for the enemy.
Electronic Warfare
    Don't want modern radio and satellite communications nets for your scenario? Shut them down! A new scenario environmental setting that simulates electronic warfare attacks allows you to degrade or completely disable electronic communications, forcing even Information Age forces to communicate without the benefit of modern technology.
Precision Artillery
    Your fire support is now a surgical tool. Laser and GPS-guided artillery munitions allow most off-map artillery support and 120mm mortars to shoot precise single round fire missions, with a high probability of a direct hit on enemy vehicles, buildings, or defensive positions. For extra effectiveness, pair precision artillery with UAVs roaming the enemy's rear area.
Active Protection Systems
    As weapon systems have become more sophisticated in order to destroy combat vehicles, so too have the defense systems designed to defeat them. Combat Mission: Black Sea features a variety of activate protection systems that detect and defeat incoming projectiles before they even have a chance to strike their target. Trophy, Arena, and Zaslon active protection systems protect some tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles.
Airburst Munitions
    High explosive shells fired from many ground weapons are now even deadlier thanks to their ability to airburst directly above the target, or even just behind cover such as a wall or building window! This capability is possible due to the proliferation of integrated laser rangefinders, targeting computers, and programmable munitions. Airburst capability is available at the squad level to United States rifle squads in the form of the M25 CDTE (nicknamed the "Punisher") as well as to vehicles such as Abrams tanks, and Russian vehicles such as the BMP-3, BTR-82A, and T-90AM.
Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs)
    Combat Mission: Red Thunder introduced anti-air capability to the game. This features continues in Combat Mission: Black Sea with the addition of SAM units capable of denying your enemy his UAV or air support. Systems included in the initial release are the Stinger, Igla, Igla-S, 9K35 Strela-10M3, and Tunguska.
Expanded Soldier Night Vision Systems
    Darkness is not the impediment to combat that it once was. Individual night vision gear for soldiers has proliferated rapidly in recent years. United States soldiers are equipped with the state-of-the-art AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG), a device that fuses night vision and thermal imaging systems, while their weapons are equipped with more lightweight thermal imagers. Russian and Ukrainian troops can be equipped with both monocular night vision goggles and weapon-mounted night vision sights. What's more, these night vision systems are now automatically equipped in low light conditions!
Major Formations:
    The initial release of Combat Mission: Black Sea depicts the following brigade unit types:
    • United States Army infantry, armored, and stryker brigade combat teams.
    • Russian Ground Forces motor rifle and tank brigades.
    • Ukrainian Ground Forces mechanized infantry and armored brigades.
    • Future expansions of Black Sea will add more Russian and NATO forces!
You can PRE-ORDER Combat Mission - Black Sea now!!

You pay now and will receive the product once it's released. You get:

  • Immediate download upon release including early notification by email

  • Tin Case Special Edition and DVD by mail (the tin case holds up to 4 discs, great for all the follow-up modules ;)

  • printed manual

  • A saving of $10 for the "Download&Mail" option vs. ordering after release
Combat Mission: Black Sea is available to pre-order now. Check out the link below for more information.

Combat Mission: Black Sea

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