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Monday, November 3, 2014
Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy Vehicle Pack Rolls Out
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Battlefront.com has announced the release of the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Vehicle Pack for Mac and Windows PCs. The pack includes over a dozen "oddball" vehicles like The Sherman Crab anti-mine tank and the Chruchill VII Crocodile flamethrower tank.

The Sherman Crab anti-mine tank is just one of a number of unusual and exciting vehicles included in the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Vehicle Pack (for PC and Mac OSX)! How about the Churchill VII Crocodile or the French Char B-2(f) flamethrower tanks? Or the Churchill AVRE with a massive 290mm "Petard" mortar! The CM:BN Vehicle Pack includes over a dozen oddball vehicles that were too fun to leave out of the game.

The Vehicle Pack requires the base game upgraded to v3.0 but no other modules (however, to access module specific vehicles, that module is required; for example, you canít access the British vehicles if you only have the base game and no modules). It comes with IMPORTANT special installation instructions, which you'll find at the bottom.

The Vehicle Pack doesn't include any missions or campaigns. The vehicles can be used right away in any new QuickBattle or in the editor to make your own scenarios and campaigns.

The Vehicle Pack updates your game engine from v3.00 to v3.10. It includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements to the engine that will also be part of future free patches.


The Vehicle Pack includes important updates to our anti-piracy protection and activation system. As such it comes with new instructions for how to install and activate it:

Most importantly, the Vehicle Pack will require you to activate your base game v3.0 as well as any modules you may have in addition to the Pack itself. You will need the v3.0 Upgrade license key for the base game that you received when you purchased the 3.0 Upgrade, and keys from the purchase of each of the modules (for example: the CMBN + Commonwealth Forces Bundle, or the Big Bundle, or any module alone). Re-licensing these after installing the Vehicle Pack is NOT going to use any of your remaining activations.

The way you activate changed, as well. When launching the pack for the first time, you will be prompted to activate the base game. Use the 3.0 Upgrade license key for that. On subsequent launches, the activation screen will NOT appear automatically. To force it to show up and allow you to activate additional components, please use the "Activate" shortcut instead of launching the game. The shortcut will allow you to enter any valid key to unlock additional content, such as modules, packs or upgrades. You will have to do this for each module, upgrade or pack you own. The shortcut can be found on your desktop after installation, or inside the Start>All Programs>Battlefront group on the PC, or inside the Documents folder on the Mac

Detailed activation instructions are available in the ReadMe file available during installation, as well as in the game manual, and in our Knowledgebase.

Learn more at the links below.

Combat Mission BFN: Vehicle Pack

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