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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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IslaBomba Action Puzzler Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Eduardo and Alberto Saldaña, co-founders of Sons of a Bit Entertainment, recently informed us about development of their upcoming first commercial video game: IslaBomba. Planned for release on a variety of platforms including Mac, the action puzzler will challenge players to save IslaBomba from the destructive tyrant King Nasty. To save the island from King's bombs, players will need to make careful use of the penguin, rabbit, and turtle's special abilities.

What is IslaBomba?
  • Single-player experience
  • Perfect match of puzzle and action games
  • In English and Spanish (more languages in the way)
IslaBomba, a peaceful island in the middle of the ocean, is ruled by King Nasty, a tyrant king who wants to bomb its inhabitants’ homeland to build a paddle court, a kart circuit, a bowling alley and other important stuff King Nasty obviously needs.

Your mission is to throw King Nasty’s bombs into different substances, such as water or quicksand, before the spark burns the whole fuse. In order to do it, you’ll control three of these inhabitants, each one of them with unique features and skills:

  • The penguin can grab bombs and throw them far away.
  • The rabbit can hop and push bombs with its body.
  • The turtle can push buttons with its legs and carry bombs on its shell.
Together with the characters’ skills, stages will include dynamic elements, such as: changing wind, quicksand, physics-related puzzles and even flocks of doves! All this will make the game more and more varied, funny and challenging.

IslaBomba offers:

  • 3 different characters with unique skills
  • 200 challenging stages
  • 4 different environments: jungle, desert, ice and an unlockable location only available when finishing the game.
  • Endless hours of fun and happiness

IslaBomba will be released on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, PC, Mac and XBox 360 digital distribution platforms. Also, we have the firm intention of making IslaBomba available on eshop (Wii U) and PSN (PS3).

An early teaser trailer is available now at the link below, and an Indiegogo funding campaign will start soon.

For more information follow the links below.

IslaBomba Pre-Alpha Trailer

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Archives  News  IslaBomba Action Puzzler Announced