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Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Shadowrun Online Reaches Kickstarter Target
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Cliffhanger Productions recently reached its Kickstarter target for funding of Shadowrun Online. A separate project from Harebraned Schemes' single player focused Shadowrun Returns, Cliffhanger's title will center on multiplayer action with co-op gameplay and player vs player faction wars set in a persistent world.

Shadowrun Online - is a cross-platform, online PC, Mac, Linux(see FAQ), iOS/iPad, Android Tablet and Ouya based tactical turn-based RPG set in the award winning world of Shadowrun. Create one account and play your game across multiple devices in whatever way you prefer!

Imagine the magic and creatures of Lord of the Rings crashing at full speed into a dystopian cyberpunk future in the vein of Blade Runner! In the 2070s of our world, dragons are running mega corporations, Amerindian braves battle it out with Ork street gangs over turf, elf hackers glide through the all-encompassing matrix and cybered up street samurai face toxic spirits in the rubble of ruined streets. And YOU will be shaping the future of this world!

Shadowrun Online is the second Kickstarter video game project set in the unique world of Shadowrun. The first project, Shadowrun Returns, focused primarily on providing a great single player adventure experience, while Shadowrun Online - like the pen & paper version - is all about experiencing the awesome world and gritty atmosphere of Shadowrun together with friends. Fluid co-op gameplay and intense player vs player faction wars set in a persistent and evolving world - this is what Shadowrun Online is about!

And the best part is: In Shadowrun Online the collective actions of players will not only determine the fate of the online game world, but our unique player-driven plotline will enable you to determine the future of the whole Shadowrun Universe! Events players trigger will also cross over into the pen and paper storyline - so you can shape the future of the Shadowrun Universe!

At its core SRO is a full Unity3D online game, accessible through Windows, Mac, Android, iOS- and Linux and on Ouya, with high quality graphics and great effects. It is fully cross platform, meaning you can play it on your tablet in the train, then go home to sit down at your PC to continue with the same character. Highly individualizable characters and a turn based system, which balances fast-paced action with deep tactical combat, make it a true Shadowrun experience.

Shadowrun Online is currently planned for a May 2013 release. Check out the site below for more information.

Kickstarter: Shadowrun Online
Shadowrun Online

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