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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Drox Operative Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has posted a new preview of Soldak Entertainment's upcoming starship action RPG, Drox Operative. The game will put players in the role of an elite starship captain and will feature warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic and evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer.

Impressively the game offers a huge selection of playable races that cover everything from typical fantasy fair to Babylon 5 references yet lack the Drox. These have apparently been extinct for thousands of years and all that remains is the secretive Drox Operative guild. Said former servants of the Drox have discovered that -having barely avoided extinction while trying to serve the galaxy- survival and power are of paramount importance, and now only work for the highest bidder as opposed to the collective happiness of the galaxy. Added to that and rather helpfully they are probably the best and most expensive trouble-shooters any space-faring race could hire.

Playing as a Drox Operative (i.e. a very selfish being) means that players will have to juggle race relations while helping one particular faction conquer the galaxy, or well one of its sectors. Killing stuff and looting aside, the main task of a Drox Operative is picking the winning side and making sure it stays winning. Getting rich also comes in handy. As does exploring planets and entering wormholes, but these are things everyone is doing in the galaxy these days.

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