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Tuesday, February 6, 2001

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Escape from Monkey Island is Beta
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Westlake Interactive has updated their web site with news that the port of the LucasArts' adventure game Escape from Monkey Island has reached Beta status, and they expect a short testing period. IMG saw this game in action at Macworld San Francisco in January and it seemed nearly complete, so the title's rapid progress in the hands of Jesse Spears comes as no surprise.

Here is the update from Westlake:

Escape From Monkey Island has gone Beta!

The game is looking very solid and plays well on our low-end machine requirement (ie, G3/233, ATi Rage Pro, & 64 MB of RAM). Jesse Spears has done a great job bringing this game over to the Mac; there's not much left for him to do besides polish and add a few extra features.

We anticipate a fairly short testing cycle with EFMI (probably just a couple of weeks). So with any luck, everyone will be unlocking the secrets of Monkey Island very soon!

EFMI will be published by Aspyr Media and should run well on everything from a Rev B. iMac to the latest G4 powerhouse -- oh yes, and on the TiBook as well. Aspyr recently launched a section of their web site dedicated to this title, and they are currently accepting pre-orders for $49.95.

In related news Westlake has also announced that Monopoly Casino has been declared Golden Master by MacSoft and should be available in stores shortly.

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Archives  News  Escape from Monkey Island is Beta