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Tuesday, February 6, 2001
X-Plane Updated to 5.60b5
10:27 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

One of the most in-depth flight simulators on any platform, X-Plane, has been updated. This version introduces a new feature: multiplayer. Now players will be able to fly with each other (X-plane does not simulate combat, just flight) via the Internet.

X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive flight simulator, and the most realistic flight simulator available for personal computers. Welcome to the world of props, jets, single- and multi-engine airplanes, as well as gliders, helicopters and VTOLs such as the V-22 Osprey and AV8-B Harrier. Here are the details:

MULTIPLAYER!!! See the INTERNET option in the Settings menu. Fly formation or RACE with your friends... take a couple fast planes and race around towers! Fly a Boeing and have your friend intercept you in an F-22!
Join up and then select the GLIDER TOW option if you want to be towed around by the other guy... he can fly with complete freedom, towing you! Join up and then select B-52 Drop if you want to be carried around by the other guy... he can fly with complete freedom, carrying you!
When in MULTIPLAYER you can send messages with the ENTER key... and the speech synthesis handles the messages just like ATC communications on the other guys machine so he will HEAR the multiplayer messages that you typed spoken verbally by the ATC speech synthesizer! HAR!

Hook up multiple computers with an ethernet cable! The other machines can show other views, tower views, or maps that are updated in realtime! Hook up multiple machines with one machine as an instructor console so the instructor can fail equipment and set weather conditions! The instructor can do all sorts of sneaky stuff on his machine without you knowing it, like load in windshear, fail equipment, set poor runway conditions, or anything else to throw you some curve-balls!

Flight simulator fans should definitely try this game, if they haven't already; the learning curve is steep, but the rewards are great for the armchair aviator.

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