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Monday, February 5, 2001
Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare is GM
12:13 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Mac shareware publisher Fantasoft has announced that the long-awaited sequel to their platform title Monkey Shines has reached Golden Master Status. Gorilla Warfare features 16-bit color, tons of new animation and sound and many side-scrolling levels to conquer. Here are details from the press release:

-Flying Mikros Interactive and Fantasoft are
happy to announce that Gorilla Warfare has finally gone golden
master. In addition there is a new Demo available for download. You
can order the game directly from Fantasoft at the website.

Features include:

* Multiple layer parallax scrolling

* 16 bit color

* Smooth 30 frames per second

* A new hero, Darwin, with a lot of new tricks

* Ballistic bananas to take out your enemies

* And much much more!

Minimum Requirements:

Although Gorilla Warfare will run on any Power Macintosh, we suggest
a minimum 200 MHz 604e and Rage Pro Graphics chip or card and 15 MB
of available RAM. Minimum System configuration is Mac OS 7.5.3.
Gorilla Warfare requires a PowerPC processor and will not run on
older (68030, 68040) Macs.

For more information, screen shots and a downloadable demo, visit the Gorilla Warfare web site. Make sure you visit the Fantasoft web site as well and examine their selection of other shareware titles.

Gorilla Warfare

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Archives  News  Monkey Shines 2: Gorilla Warfare is GM