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Monday, February 5, 2001
TopWare Troubles?
9:32 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

BluesNews pointed us to a report at the German news site, Heise Online, which notes financial troubles with the gaming company Topware Interactive. The article is in German, nut rough translations seem to indicate the problem wasn't in fact with the company's games, but rather their other business practices and management shifts. Topware's site currently has no updates regarding the reports, so this isn't yet completely confirmed.

The reason why Mac users might care about all of this is that e.p.i.c. Interactive is in the process of bringing some of Topware's titles to the Mac. Their first efforts include the just-released Earth 2140 demo. Other games from Topware which epic planned to port include the sequel Earth 2150 and the 3D RPG Gorky 17. We contacted e.p.i.c about the situation, and it seems to leave the Mac ports unaffected. Here's what they had to say:

I can not comment on the situation of Topware, however
the instability of Topware will not have any effects on our plans to bring
the Earth series or other of their projects to the Mac. 2140 is in the
finishing states and start on 2150 will start soon after 2140 is finished.
This is good news, as the Mac platform is currently experiencing a dearth of new RTS games, and both will make great additions to the Mac's lineup. We will keep you updated on any changes in the status of these titles. The Earth 2140 demo is available at Macgamefiles.

IMG News: Details on Epic's Titles
Download Earth 2140 Demo
e.p.i.c. Interactive Web Site
Heise Online News Report
Topware Games Web Site (English)
Topware Interactive Main Web Site (German)
Earth 2140
Buy Earth 2140

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