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Thursday, February 1, 2001
Marathon Editing Mysteries Revealed
9:56 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

While many older titles have long since been discarded in the digital graveyards, the Marathon universe seemingly still has secrets to plunder. Marathon community stalwart and crafter of odd press releases Gary L. Simmons has once again updated his page of all things related to this game with more articles, tutorials and stuff. Here is a list of new additions, straight from The Artist Formerly Known as Battle Cat:

Hamish Sanderson and Chris Komarnicki - Custom Icons and Unique Creator
Codes -

Hamish and Chris have conspired together to produce a missing portion of the
HAS EditNotes. Chris tells me that if you wring Hamishes lungs he sings
like a bluejay and sing he did, here is some great new material from 2
talented geeks plus other new material that makes this version of EditNotes
the most up to date on any planet.

Claude Errera - Marathon Installers -

Everything you need to know about creating your own scenario installers. If
you prefer, you can just dump it in Claude’s lap and he will create an
installer for you PLUS he will sort of treat you to lunch too... er, after
you expose his brain a bit...

Quartz’ Quarry - What’s a Hitpoint Worth? -

Just ask a hitman. Quartz takes you down that road of damage and pain and
explains why the number of shots it takes to kill a monster, according to
the math, and the number of shots in "Real Life™" don't add up. What is odd
is that it is NOT odd that Quartz refers to Marathon as “Real Life™”, but
that is why we tune in and that is what makes him a master Marathon geek.

Mark Levin - Physics Model Reference -

Here is a comprehensive guide to all those mysterious flags, integers and
interrelations in that black box known as Physics Models by a man I call my
Resident Expert. If you pick the mind of this master you will want to go
back for his nose and yes, that snot a good joke.

Chris Komarnicki - Killing Time Tutorials -

Got some time to kill? Kill it here with some fabulous tips by the author
of the scenario, “Marathon: Killing Time”. This guy has no corporate
secrets and shares everything with you from laser dot sniper scopes, to
breakable windows, to duct taping a flashlight under a shotgun for the
coolest and most overdue effects I have seen in Marathon.

If you thought this now-ancient title and engine had divested all of its secrets, it seems this team of diehards are still down in the mines, searching for those last few nuggets of gold. If it all went over your head -- well, lovers of Marathon esoterica are few and far between these days. For those of you still Forging ahead, be sure and pay a visit to Gary's page.

Gary L. Simmons' Marathon Forge and Anvil Tips

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