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Wednesday, January 31, 2001
Tranquility Re-Launches, Lowers Cost
2:40 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Rethinking their pay-for-play strategy, TQWorld LLC has re-launched their online free-form puzzle game Tranquility and dramatically reduced cost. While formerly a year's subscription to the game cost $79.89, this has been lowered to $24, and play is free through February 3rd. Here are the details:

TQworld LLC is please to introduce tranquility ...
a new Mac-only game unlike any you've played before. With stunning graphics
and rich music, tranquility sends you on a quest that can only be won with
calm, sure moves.

tranquility is a network-based game and a one-year subscription is $24.

And, between now and Saturday, February 3, people can download tranquility
and play for FREE. All it takes is a trip to
, download the program and start playing!

This is not a 'twitch' game. No gargoyles to shoot, no skeletons to hack, no
chainguns to blast away mutants, evil or otherwise. Real life gives us
enough adrenalin attacks as it is.
When you play tranquility, you are transported to a three-dimensional Realm
where you seek out ways of being transported to your destination. As you
complete each Realm, you receive a tranquility Card that will aid you as you
enter the next Realm and new challenges.

The graphics of the game are, quite frankly, stunning. It uses what some
consider the most sophisticated computations ever used on a personal
computer. Hours of original music and sophisticated 3D sound effects work
with the graphics to guide you on your individualized path to tranquility.
tranquility even brings a new sophistication to scoring: the tranquility
server calculates your points based on a large number of factors concerning
your play... including things like length of time, amount of movement,
platforms hits and distance traveled. The tranquility experience points are
calculated based on HOW these factors INTERRELATE. The calculations are
intense: we know of no game that does such complex scoring. Try different
strategies and see how your score changes - it's all part of your Path to
All you need to get started is a G3 or G4 Macintosh and a connection to the

This abstract puzzle game also requires OpenGL and a hardware 3D card that supports that API. Jump to the Tranquility home page to download a trial version of the game.


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