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Wednesday, January 31, 2001
MOO3 Interviews Offer Details, Release Date
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As we recently learned at Macworld San Francisco, "4x" empire-building game Master of Orion III is coming to the Mac OS, via the good graces of MacSoft. Although the game is still in the very early stages of development, many details about gameplay and features have begun to emerge. Arena Games has conducted a short interview with Alan Emrich of Quicksilver, the company developing this title. The interview confirms that the title is due in the first quarter of 2002, but provides some details which indicate it may be well worth the wait. Here is an excerpt:

What will you do to encourage replayability? (custom races, ships etc.)

Just about everything we can think of short of a scenario-builder, really. Yes, you can create custom races. Yes, you can designs ships (and task forces of ships). The new events system in the game, I'm sure, will bring people back. The expansion of diplomacy to both the Orion Senate and one's own domestic front should keep them returning. Online multi-player should extend its life. And for all the cheaters out there, we're making hacking together "an editor" as easy for them as possible. Oh, and the on-line and strategy guide support, if it goes according to plan, will document the vast depths of Master of Orion III. With that understanding, players will surely come out with more of a desire to explore it further.

In an interesting cooincidence, PC hardware sity Sharky's Extreme has also posted an interview with Emrich with additional information from Quicksilver head Bill Fisher, which goes in much more detail and depth. Quicksilver is a game development team with 17 years of experience, and they are quite confident they will be pushing the genre to new levels. Here's an excerpt from the Sharky interview:
From what we've read at your site and in interviews and previews you've linked there, it appears MOO3 is a massive undertaking. What are the key design goals for your team, and have you found any of them needed modification for reasons of scope or cost?

Bill Fisher: Our first design goal is to take strategy gaming to the next level. We all agree that this is a very ambitious statement, so we set out from the beginning with Hasbro to craft a development schedule and management plan that would be able to keep it under control. We spent literally months scoping out the technical side of the design, planning and scheduling each anticipated task from startup through release. Knowing the scope, we were able to bring in top-notch project management like Cory Nelson, and highly experienced designers like Alan and Tom. Although we certainly won't promise a flawless project, I can say that I'm delighted with the smooth operation of the team to date, and the steady progress being made in all areas of the production.

Read both interviews for more details, and visit the offical web site for development diaries and concept art.

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