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Wednesday, January 31, 2001

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Summoner Movies, Stills
10:19 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

An early build of the RPG Summoner is beginning to make the rounds of the PC news sites, spawning many a screenshot and in-game movie. Blue's News pointed us towards two early examples: a collection of screen shots and movies at Daily Radar and some more still shots at PCIGN.

Summoner is a console-style RPG from Volition, already published on the Playstation 2 to much acclaim. It will soon be coming to the Mac and PC platforms, with the addition of cross-platform multiplayer support, which is currently being tested and balanced for gameplay. Featuring stunning special effects and ferocious realtime battles, Summoner tells the tale of Joseph, one gifted with the power to summon various demons, golems and supernatural creatures, but cursed by an inability to properly control his power. When one of his summoned creatures goes amok and destroys his home village, he sets out on a quest to redeem himself and master his summoning abilities.

Daily Radar's collection of five mid-sized movies and 24 stills provide an in-depth look at the PC version of this title. With the benefit of higher resolutions and 3D hardware features such as texture smoothing, Summoner should look even better than the Playstation 2 version; unfortunately Daily Radar was too liberal with the JPEG compression, and these shots are blurry and full of artifacts as a result.

PCIGN's shots are much clearer, and accompanied by some informative text about the game, albeit from long ago. Well worth checking out for anyone anticipating this game.

Summoner is due for Mac and PC this spring, and will hopefully be a simultaneous release; as we recently learned at Macworld San Francisco, GraphSim will be publishing this title for our platform.

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