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Wednesday, January 31, 2001

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Diablo II 1.05 Patch Released
9:04 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard has made a 1.05 patch available for their realtime RPG Diablo II, fixing a few bugs introduced in the previous version and making some more general improvements to the gameplay. The update is only available by logging on to their services, though it will likely be downloadable from their site soon as well. Here's just a sample of the changes introduced in this new version:

Major bugs
  • Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD, and CD-R drives.
  • Barbarians wielding two potions are no longer prevented from entering games.
  • Socketed items were mistakenly and irreversibly de-randomized in 1.04. Now their gem effect values are taken from the upper end of their original (pre-1.04) random ranges.
  • Fixed all spell ranges. They were mistakenly reduced in v1.04.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting some Characters.
  • Fixed numerous foreign language display problems.


  • A prompt now appears informing the user to delete characters when they have greater than eight characters in a Realm.
  • Player profiles now have a link to their ladder records, if they are in the top 999.
  • A "connecting to realm" message was added.
  • Connect to now to grab the patch. Also, check their support site for a complete list of changes. ATI users still having problems with Diablo II might check out the driver update released yesterday as well; if you find that thei driver update does or does not solve your problem, please post your feedback in our Troubleshooting forum.

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    Archives  News  Diablo II 1.05 Patch Released