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Monday, January 29, 2001

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The Wyrm Returns to Mac Baldur
6:00 AM | Jay Swartzfeger | Comment on this story

Webwyrm (aka Lee Merhige) has left his cave of hibernation to return with a brand new The Wyrm's Lair article published at Mac Baldur. The new installment is entitled Party of One and gives you all the details on how to play Baldur's Gate with only one chartacter in your party. Here's just a small excerpt from this massive guide on going solo:

The best part of solo-play is the speed of game play. There is no waiting for your party to reform between moves when walking around. No watching your party do its best "Three Stooges" impersonation, as they all bump into each other to get to their places. You would think they could step around each other. Well, at least with solo play you can speedily romp through any board you wish. The game also takes into account the strength of your party in most cases and lessens the number of foes you fight. Those times that the fight remains the same regardless of your party strength can be a real test. Hmm... No spoilers but... All Iíll say is Ducal Palace was rough solo. That fight took me the longest of any to win.

Solo play may sound like a daunting or even impossible task in Baldur's Gate. Once you read Webwyrm's guide, however, I guarantee you'll have the courage to tackle the dangers of the Sword Coast solo. And the Wyrm knows from experience-- he won Mac Baldur's first Ironman Solo contest!

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