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Thursday, January 25, 2001
Audio Overload 1.0
2:11 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Shareware and emulator creator Richard Bannister has released yet another program which allows you to enjoy the nostalgic experience of "retrogaming" -- this time, in musical form. Audio Overload is a music player which supports music from Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Genesis Megadrive ROMs. Here are the details:

Audio Overload v1.0 has been released. Audio Overload is a brand new video
game music player for the Macintosh.

Formerly known as BNSF/MacOS, this program now supports .nsf (NES) tracks,
.spc (Super Nintendo) tracks, and .gym (Genesis/Megadrive) logs. It includes
support for play lists, and it supports transparent decompresion of .rar
archives. The GUI and icons were designed specifically for this program by
PB1400c. Audio Overload is a Carbon application, and thus runs without
problems under MacOS X. It also runs just fine under earlier MacOS releases.

If you've got an urge to listen to the original Final Fantasy soundtrack, this is the tool to use. Be sure and visit Richard's site and check out his wide selection of emulators and related utilities.

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