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Monday, March 14, 2011

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Melissa Bianco Discusses City Of Heroes
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

PC Game Examiner has posted a new interview with Paragon Studos' Melissa Bianco. The lead designer for City of Heroes discussed the game's super hero theme, new super hero MMOs in the market, and the future of City of Heroes.

PC Game Examiner: There are at least 100 elves for every spandex-clad crime fighter. Why is the superhero MMORPG market so (relatively) small?

Melissa Bianco: When you conceptualize what a game is going to be like and you say the word “fantasy”, everyone has a built-in response – globally. Books and movies have permeated many cultures so when you say the word “elf” or “ranger” or “paladin”, people instinctively know what you’re talking about, no matter what part of the world they are from.

The superhero genre, though, plays out differently on the world stage. Western comic books are popular in the west, but they’re probably not as big overseas. In Asia they have a particular style of graphic novel which traditionally was very different than its western counterpart, right down to the opposing builds of its heroes vs. villains.

So partly it’s about cultural accessibility and popularity (though as movies are cyclical in nature, I’ve noticed a lot more superhero movies in the last few years) and it’s partly about “what we know” and understand that drives us to play a particular game. City of Heroes, however, has built up an incredibly loyal fanbase, and has managed to reach a larger audience, such as women and more casual players, thanks to the more accessible gameplay and amazing customization. I have heard countless stories from boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers, etc. of how their female counterparts would look over their shoulder and then watch for a while and ask to play, too.

Read more at the link below.

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Archives  News  Melissa Bianco Discusses City Of Heroes