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Thursday, January 25, 2001

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Myst III Music
10:11 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

GA-Source has posted a short interview with Jack Wall discussing the creation of music for the third installement of the Myst series, Myst III Exile. Wall explains why he chose to use a live orchestra and symphony to compose some of the music for Myst III. Also included are details how the music was composed in order to fit the theme and feeling of the game. Here is an excerpt:

How did the decision come about to use a live orchestra and symphony for the soundtrack of Exile?

Myst III seemed the perfect candidate for an orchestral score. It had four things driving it in that direction: Success, potential future success, a healthy budget and me! I really championed that cause from the very beginning.

When I wrote the initial proposal to do the score for EXILE, I included a budget for orchestra. It was a bit bold, but I really felt this should be a special score and stand out from the crowd - the game deserves it, don't you think? Dan Irish at Mattel thought so. He really took a chance and got the budget approved. I owe Dan a very expensive dinner when all of this is over.

I'm very happy to report that everyone, especially Dan, is ecstatic about the outcome!

Myst III Exile will reach us on April 9th. For more information on this title, check out our detailed preview.

Myst III: Exile Preview
Mattel Interactive
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Myst III: Exile
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