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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Simone Bevilacqua Discusses BOH
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Joystiq recently interviewed independent developer Simone Bevilacqua his unique retro action game, BOH. The game challenges players to travel through trap filled corridors, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies as they quest to find and defeat the Evil Masters. BOH features 50 missions and 5 difficulty levels.

What's your game called, and what's it about?

My game is called BOH. It's an Italian interjection that means "I don't know" -- so, it's just cool to answer the same question when asked from a fellow Italian! The (rather long) story goes like this ...

In 2007 I started working on an idea that had been lingering my mind for a few years. The idea was exactly the 2D, tile-based, 360-degree-rotating, dynamically-illuminated, field of vision-relative graphical engine which is now at the core of the game. At the beginning, however, I didn't really know how that basic concept would develop and, after all, the engine itself was hard to define with a reasonably short name, so the folder I created for the first files was named "BOH" (and you can see why).

Indeed, I intended to choose a proper name when the project would get a more definite shape, but it certainly wasn't a priority. When, at some point, I felt it was about time, the game -- the project had developed into a game by then -- already featured the themes (sets of data that redefine each and every audiovisual aspect -- I didn't call them "skins" because such term refers to just the graphics, whereas themes also affect music and sound effects), which made the game's identity mutable: that gave "BOH" one more meaning which, together with the fact that I liked the funny side mentioned earlier and the fact that "BOH" lends itself to be seen as an acronym people -- if they so wish -- can have fun interpreting (a few actually tried), convinced me to stick to such weird name.

As for what the game is about: it is mostly an exploration/puzzle game. At first it might be exchanged for a top-down shooter, but that's absolutely wrong! The dumbest thing one can do when playing BOH is focusing on extermination of enemies: that will lead nowhere, because enemies are infinite (as is your ammo, of course) and because the longer one stays in one place, the more enemies arrive! Instead, what the player must focus on is exploring the mazes missions take place in to find power-ups, keys and devices necessary to proceed, etc. That all happens while passing, in a deeply claustrophobic atmosphere, the skill challenges posed by traps, obstacles and, of course, the haunting presence of enemies. In a nutshell, the game is about involving the player through a nerve-wracking, multifaceted and highly rewarding experience (in retro flavour!).
Read the full interview at the link below.

Joystiq: BOH Interview

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