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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

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Escape from Monkey Island Progress Report
11:18 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Jesse Spears gave a detailed report on his current work-in-progress, the port of LucasArts' whacky adventure game Escape from Monkey Island to the Mac OS. This zany title for kids young and old features OpenGL-based 3D graphics over gorgeous 2D backgrounds, and is the fourth installment in a venerable series (the third title skipped the Mac OS). Here is an excerpt from Jesse's report:

can't tell you exactly, but we're getting very close to the Beta Milestone (and Beta Testing...please don't ask me, I think they were selected long ago, and I don't handle it anyway . I'd guess we'll probably hit beta before the end of the month, but I can't give a better estimate than that right now (and, as always, something might come up).

Final OS/Hardware requirements are pretty close to finished (all that's left right now is required Disk Space). But, I don't think I should spill the beans on all of it (I'll leave that to Aspyr).

Progress on the port is proceeding extremely well, and we expect many more details on this game in the near future. If all goes well, we'll see this LucasArts title published by Aspyr Media this Spring.

While you are at MacNN, be sure and read their in-depth preview of the Coldstone Game Engine, a flexible content engine which will allow non-programmers to create their own cross-platform role-playing games. The preview is accompanied by impressive screen shots of the engine in action, and this looks to be a powerful tool for those of you who always dreamed of creating your own game, but just couldn't find the time to crack open that phone-book-sized manual for C++.

Escape from Monkey Island Progress Report
Coldstone Game Engine Preview at MacNN
Aspyr Media
Escape From Monkey Island
Buy Escape From Monkey Island

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