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Monday, January 17, 2011
Second Ghost Whisperer Dev Blog Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Legacy Interactive has posted a new story based blog about the development of a Ghost Whisperer hidden object game for Mac and Windows. Based on the television series, the game will follow the exploits of Melinda, Jim, Delia, Eli as they struggle to solve the mysteries surrounding earthbound spirits.

“Intriguing! But I’ve heard of games like this before. A game made in my image must have innovation!! What do you bring that will make this game different from all others?”

“We’ve got a large number of puzzles planned, ranging from classic logic and shape construction puzzles to our unique Ghost Vision puzzles where players will need to puzzle their way through a surreal scene in order to see Melinda’s visions of the past, revealing secrets that help them piece together the mystery behind each haunting. What’s more, our hidden object scenes are each haunted by spirits that the player must find in order to help them cross over. In exchange, the ghosts will reveal another item the player will need to solve the mystery!”

“I am intrigued. What guidance do you need from me?”

“I’ve got two fantastic stories planned out. One that takes place in an art museum with a haunted portrait that seems to be changing slowly but surely into a more sinister version of itself as long as it hangs in the Grandview Art Museum. It’s a good story – lost loves, regrets, and forgiveness. I promise it will do you justice. The other begins when a sick, elderly man is found alone in his enormous mansion after having been abandoned by his caretaker. Doctors quickly notice that though he’s not well enough to feed himself, he doesn’t seem to be dehydrated at all. Who was giving him water and his pills? The story leads into a story of fathers and sons, betrayal and love that never dies.”
To read the full post click over to the site below.

Ghost Whisperer Developer's Blog #2
Legacy Interactive
Ghost Whisperer
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Archives  News  Second Ghost Whisperer Dev Blog Released