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Monday, January 22, 2001

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Mac Halo in Jeopardy... Again?
9:39 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

When Microsoft first bought Bungie Studios nearly every Mac gamer lamented and assumed the worst--that Bungie's highly anticipated Halo, which indeed debuted on our platform, would be an exclusive title for Microsoft's upcoming X-Box console only. Bungie didn't do much to dissuade people from this idea, by telling people that they, "didn't know" if Halo would reach the Mac OS. Finally, at Macworld New York this Summer, Peter Tamte announced that he and his unnamed company would be bringing Halo to the Mac.

A recent turn of events at e-tailer EB World has seemingly cast Mac and PC Halo into doubt. Voodoo Extreme is reporting that EB got word from high-ups at Microsoft that Halo would in fact be an X-Box exclusive. Don't start panicking yet, however: the article goes on to point out that MS PR staff denied that Halo would be an X-Box exclusive. Furthermore points out that this wouldn't be the first of EB world's screw-ups; they actually cancelled pre-orders of the Mac version of Myth II, saying that it would be PC-only.

Here at IMG we learned long ago that retailers are the absolute last source of information about a game's release date or the platforms it will ship for; we've never seen one trustworthy enough to cite as a source, for any reason. A minor schedule change at a single online retailer is certainly no reason for panic. Only trust release dates you hear directly from developers, publishers... and from IMG, of course.

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Voodoo Extreme on EBworld
Bungie Studios
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Archives  News  Mac Halo in Jeopardy... Again?