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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Discussing Diablo III
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzplanet has posted a new interview with Diablo 3 Art Director Christan Lichtner and Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky, about the upcoming action RPG. Among other things the Blizzard Entertainment developers discussed the game's new Demon Hunter class, achievements, and Diablo 3 AI difficulty.

In the cinematic the demon hunter removes demon teeth from a corpse and transforms it into an arrow, does this mean the demon hunter needs to purchase arrow stacks, or does she remove them from the bodies of the dead, or are they just part of her abilities?

You do not require ammunition. No more filling up your backback with a thousand arrows. You can craft and break down items into other things, so there is that element to it – but it doesn’t deal with ammunition. You’re not going to have to play a different inventory game with her than other classes. Her skills and attacks are the same as others – so for example if she throws a grenade, that’s the same as a wizard casting a spell. All the classes craft the same way, but they’ll just be able to craft things that are suitable for themselves.

What are the resources that the demon hunter uses?

In this current build it’s mana. That however is still under consideration and we’ll probably be tweaking that. It’s a work in progress. Her skill kit however is very shadow magic oriented, she uses very dark, shadowy on the verge of demonic power. She’s able to tap into that power and use it against the demons, so her resource will very much end up reflecting that.
Visit the site below for the full interview.

Blizzplanet: Diablo III Interview
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