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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Ghost Whisperer For Mac In 2011
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Legacy Interactive has posted a new story based blog about the development of a Ghost Whisperer hidden object game for Mac and Windows. Based on the television series, the game will follow the exploits of Melinda, Jim, Delia, Eli as they struggle to solve the mysteries surrounding earthbound spirits.

I hold up the pictures of each of the characters as if they can shield me from the wrath of all these good people who are already on edge from Ghost Whisperer withdrawal. Mrs. Kirschbaum snatches one of the printouts from my hand and beats me over the head with it, but her anger subsides when she actually gets a good look at it.

“I'm liking what I'm seeing,” she finally admits, studying each of them and looking for flaws. “But you can’t possibly capture the town of Grandview in all its complexity. It’s just not possible.”

“But I can try! Not only will the game visit some of the beloved locations from the show, like Melinda’s store 'Same As It Never Was' and the Grandview Town Square, but we’ll be including all sorts of locations around Grandview that we’ve only glimpsed in the show, like the Train Station or Eli’s Office. We’ll have original locations, too, like the Grandview Art Museum and the Fairgrounds.”
Ghost Whisperer will be released sometime next year. Read more at the page linked below.

Legacy Interactive
Ghost Whisperer
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