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Friday, January 19, 2001
Apple Chases Down Driver
9:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new article posted in Apple's slowly-expanding game section features a look at Driver, the recent release from MacSoft. It's a quick preview, with quotes from both the creator of the game, Martin Edmondson, and MacSoft's Al Schilling. The article discusses at the game's obvious inspiration taken from TV car chases, the use of realistic city scenes and Driver's mission-based story line. Hints are even dropped about a Mac port of the sequel (Driver 2, recently released for PC and Playstation), though no definite confirmation is given. Here's a clip:

With a nice assortment of games on the way from MacSoft in 2001 and Mac OS X on the horizon, Schilling thinks that the state of Mac gaming “is good and getting better. OS X will be great, not only for games, but for all Mac applications. Features like protected memory will make an already stable OS that much better.”

Driver 2 was recently released for Windows, but Schilling will only respond “Stay tuned” when asked about the possibility of bringing it to the Macintosh, so players who enjoy this game can likely look forward to seeing the sequel as well.

Check out the preview, then if you haven't already, visit Macgamefiles to download a copy of the demo.

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