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Friday, January 19, 2001
Parsec SDK Thesis Available
9:01 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story has made the thesis of Markus Hadwiger, one of Parsec's creators, available for download. The 16-chapter thesis, which will be included in Parsec's SDK, details the inner workings of Parsec. Everything from networking to 3D graphics API's to instructions on constructing a 3D game engine is described. The thesis is in PDF format.

Parsec is a cross-platform multiplayer space combat game being created by a group of independent game developers. A self-running demo and LAN test were released several months ago, but the Parsec team has been relatively quiet ever since. They are working toward a final release for three platforms (MacOS, Windows, Linux) and three 3D API's (Glide, OpenGL, Direct3D). The game itself will be "commercial-quality freeware," and is quite a visual and audio treat to play; however there is no set date for completion of the project.

Download Parsec LAN Test (69.2 MB)
Download Parsec SDK Thesis (2.0 MB)

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