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Wednesday, January 17, 2001
'Myth III' Trailer Released
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Gathering of Developers and MacGamer have released a 'teaser trailer' for the upcoming RTS sequel Myth III: The Wolf Age. This short and reasonably-sized trailer provides a brief glimpse at what to expect from this installment in the series, a prequel in terms of storyline but a technological leap ahead of the previous two titles.

The trailer is largely composed of still shots of the previous title, Myth II, but it does contain some new footage at the end which features an animation of the "ghol" unit as a polygonal model. All of the units and foliage of this upcoming title will be rendered in true 3D, unlike the "sprite" 2D images used in the previous incarnations.

We have mirrored this file at for your downloading convenience. Be sure to leave your comments in the user reviews section, and post your speculations on this sequel to our Forums. Myth III is due next November, developed by Mumbo Jumbo and to be published by Gathering of Developers for Mac and PC.

Gathering of Developers
Myth III Trailer at MacGamer
Myth III Teaser Trailer at MGF (16 MB)

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Archives  News  'Myth III' Trailer Released