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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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EVE Online: Pirate Mission Arcs Explored
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A newly posted EVE Online developer blog features more information about upcoming epic pirate mission arcs planned for the Dominion expansion coming in December. The blog post includes a brief description of the missions as well as answers to questions about the new pirate arcs. The Dominion update for the sci-fi MMO will focus on alliance warfare and will feature an overhauled sovereignty system, new epic mission arcs for pirate factions, and the first version of EVE's COSMOS social networking platform.

We have two new epic arcs on the way for Dominion, both centered on pirate factions, namely the Guristas and the Angel Cartel. With these arcs, you can fly with the 'rats in 0.0, looting and plundering and fighting like only they know how. But first, I'll give you a brief description of both arcs:

Guristas arc, "Smash and Grab"
Not all is well in Venal, the home of the Guristas pirates. The Caldari Navy have slowly infiltrated the region, setting up small outposts and fleet bunkers in pirate territory, hoping to bring some sense of peace and order to the lawless area. But the Guristas have a plan, and they are enlisting you to aid in the pushback. Using guerilla tactics and stealthy maneuvers, you will assist the pirates as they engage the Navy in widespread sabotage. From the theft of secret ship design, to traversing Navy minefields, kamikaze warfare, double-crossing agents, and sadistic spies, you will aid the Guristas in their ongoing turf war in the outer limits of space.

Angels arc, "Angel Sound"
For years the Angel Cartel has been the undisputed master of both advanced and ancient technology among the pirate factions. But with the appearance of wormholes and the discovery of Sleeper technology, that advantage is at risk of disappearing. Cartel agents are recruiting capsuleers for missions of sabotage and destruction aimed at preserving the technological edge of the Angels. You will travel through Angel and Serpentis space, along the way destroying Sansha exploration teams, fighting off Gurista raids, and showing the Empires the dangers of encroaching into pirate space.

Visit the site below to read the rest.

EVE Online Blog: Pirate Mission Arcs Explained
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