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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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A Vampyre Story Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

ITREVIEWED recently posted a review of A Vampyre Story, a point and click adventure brought to the Mac by Virtual Programming. The game tells the tale of opera singer Mona De Lafitte who struggles with her new life after being turned into a vampire.

Funny and riveting from the outset - thanks largely to Froderick, a witty and mischievous bat with a New York accent who joins Mona on the quest - A Vampyre Story presents a number of challenging puzzles for the opera singer as she reluctantly comes to terms with her new vampire nature and learns to harness the supernatural abilities she has acquired. In typical adventure style, you need to unravel brain-teasing puzzles, but the addition of humour to the proceedings and the consistent flow of wise cracks and sinister jokes from Froderick and other characters makes the experience a total joy.

Because A Vampyre Story was created by a number of former LucasArts adventure game developers, it looks and plays very similar to some of their previous games. As such, the game uses a point-and-click interface with a context-sensitive radial cursor, much the same as Monkey Island: upon clicking an interactive item with the left mouse button, a graphic menu appears around the object, displaying the available actions and abilities (explore, touch, talk and fly to - yep, Mona can turn into a bat at will). The right mouse button is used to bring up your coffin inventory, allowing you to use or combine items you’ve collected. Although some might consider it cheating - not me, as there’s just so much to explore - you can also hit the Tab key to reveal all actionable items in a scene. As the game progresses, Mona gradually learns how to use her new supernatural abilities. Consequently, her newfound powers and weaknesses play a large role in the game’s puzzles, requiring Mona to use her abilities to overcome certain challenges and progress through the game.
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ITREVIEWED: A Vampyre Story
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A Vampyre Story
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