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Monday, April 27, 2009

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Diablo III: Health Globes, Defending Barbarians & Wizards
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

More information about Diablo III, the upcoming return to Blizzard Entertainment's popular action RPG franchise, is now available on the official forums thanks to community manager Bashiok. The topics this time include more information about Health Globes and responses to disappointment with the Barbarian and Wizard classes.

With regard to Health Globes:
Bashiok: Yeah the idea of picking up health globes while at already full health and having them still provide some type of benefit has been an idea bouncing around these halls for quite a while. If I were a bettiní man, and Iím not because Iím horrible at it, Iíd reckon that there might be something we do with that.
I play a decent amount of TF2 so Iím sort of partial to the medic-style overheal that then slowly ticks down over time. It could work. It may also be completely unnecessary.
Anyway, the barbarian has to concern himself with health quite a bit more than the witch doctor or wizard being melee and he has skills in his tree that both increase the chance of health globe drops and their Ďbenefití. So, right there you can see there are ways to increase orb drops, and thatís outside of other leeching type skills, regen skills, etc.
Again, weíre not trying to create an aggravating experience. If itís a common issue that you have to run around nearly dead hoping and praying for an orb drop, then we probably messed up somewhere. Or maybe youíre terribad at the game. Weíll have to wait and see.

A reply to a fan who had a problem with bringing back the Barbarian:
Fan: I donít think that they should have brought back the Barbarian. For starters, Iím fairly certain that few if any survived the explosion that tore Mount Arreat apart. Besides that, Iíve always felt that the Barbs are just lame knockoffs of Conan. Their background story isnít interesting (ďI roam the world smashing thingsĒ isnít nearly as interesting as ďI am a renegade who cares nothing for the tired laws of the sorcerersĒ or ďthere is a dark force stirring in the world and I must restore the balance to the realm of the spiritsĒ), they donít even look half as cool as the other classes (just take a side-by-side look at the Witchdoctor, Wizard, and the Barbarian, you know Iím right), and they lack personality.

Bashiok: And spotteth twice they the camels before the third hour. And so it came to pass that the masses cried out, ďYe, oh maker of thine games, hath thee unoriginal thought!ď and yea, they slew the souls of they who were without chest armor, and placed they the bits in tiny pots. Then, yea!, cried out the second mass, ďThine creation deviates too greatly from thine origin!ď and they too were slain, and the children were wrought with the grief of their transgressions.

In defense of the Wizard:
Bashiok: In all seriousness - itís fun. I generally donít like casters, I prefer melee, but ... itís just too fun. Meteor Storm feels like ... hahaÖ it feels like firing a machine gun. Itís so fun to fire off I will literally sit there and shoot at nothing just to watch it. And I do this for way too long. Electrocute is a close second. But manÖ meteor storm. And they just made the effects cooler like last week! Which should have been impossible. Ugh. I love this game.

Head over to the Blizzplanet page linked below to read more.

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