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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Challenging Turn-Based Fun In Elven Legacy
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

That VideoGame Blog has published a new review of Elven Legacy, a turn-based strategy title set in a fantasy world. The game features more than 100 units, five heroes, five playable factions, multiplayer combat, multiple game endings, and a game editor for players who want to create their own missions.

From the review:

What makes it so hard? For starters, if you arenít a strategy game regular, I wouldnít recommend this being the first one you play. The game never explains the details of how combat works. That will be covered later though. Also, each level awards you with a gold, silver, or bronze trophy based on how few turns you were able to beat the level in. At the start of each turn, a message pops up reminding you how many turns you have left in order to get each trophy. For me at least, this really makes you want to beat each level to get that gold trophy as the reward for doing such grant you troops and gold that are vital. Herein lies yet another problem. Getting that gold trophy means you have to dart straight across the map with your seven troops (each with varying amount of spaces they can move) and pray that enough enemies donít attack (and massacre) you before you even get there.

Earlier, I mentioned that second level that almost made me quit the game. I am convinced that no person can get the gold trophy on that level in the amount of turns the game dictates. Before you even have a chance to get to your target location, youíll be swallowed up by all the enemy units you tried to pass. This leaves you surrounded and with zero chance to complete your mission. So how do you deal with this? The only way around getting massacred is by taking your army to each part of the map and wiping out the enemy units one by one so that none of them can sneak up behind you once you are about to reach your final destination.
Virtual Programming recently announced it would be bringing the game to Mac users sometime this year. To read the review and more about the game click over to the links below.

That VideoGame Blog: Elven Legacy Review
Elven Legacy
Virtual Programming

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Archives  News  Challenging Turn-Based Fun In Elven Legacy