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Wednesday, April 8, 2009
UDevGames 2008: FIDRIS Postmortem Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

iDevGames recently posted a postmortem article examining work on Pyramid Productions' FIDRIS, an entry in the UDevGames 2008 competition. In the article the developer discusses the design of the game, what went right and wrong with the title's development, and plans to flesh out the game into a full featured release.

FIDRIS puts players in command of a spaceport and challenges them to make as much money as possible by quickly servicing as many incoming ships as possible. Each new level introduces larger and busier spaceports.

During the last uDevGames (2004) contest, I was a student, so time to work on my entry was not an issue. Now I am holding down a job, married, and have a nearly two year old daughter. Coupled with the contest falling over Christmas, New Year, and our decision to take a week’s holiday in January, I knew time would be tight to get this finished. Fortunately, I have a substantial C++/SDL/OpenGL codebase I have built up over the years which helped me get the shell of the game up and running in a matter of hours. Since getting the ‘fun factor’ into the game was the major risk for the project, I worked hard to get a first playable build up only a week into the contest. Graphics were rudimentary at best, but it gave me enough confidence that the idea would work to continue.

After the initial rush to get started, progress through to the end of January was slow. However, during this time I did manage to get ships moving about ‘realistically’. By early February, I had most of the elements needed to make a game — menus, score counters, a way to ‘die’ and restart, and now that the deadline was in sight it was time to throw out all the extra ideas I had hoped to add and polish, polish, polish.

In the last two weeks of the contest, I managed to get all the graphics done (starfields and planets), 3D models for two different ships and various space station components. Originally I had planned to have a file format to define a level in XML, but due to time constraints I had to drop this in favor of hard-coding the 4 final levels in an include file. I picked up some great sounds effects from FreeSound and fellow iDevGames member Jesus De Meyer (Taxxodium/eDot-studios) kindly allowed me to use a couple of his tracks which add greatly to the atmosphere of the game.
Head over to the link below to read the full article.

iDevGames: FIDRIS Postmortem

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