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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
A Look Back At Stubbs The Zombie
6:00 AM | Anthony Wang | 4 comments

Next Generation takes a look back at Stubbs the Zombie by Wideload Games. The article examines the creativity and commitment of Alexander Seropian and his staff at Wideload on developing the game. Furthermore, the article looks as how Stubbs may have positioned itself as one of the more unique games, not in line with the mainstay of shoot em ups and ancient civilization strategy games.

And even for those who did get the joke, and appreciated the telling, Stubbs is still an easy game to dismiss for its frivolity – a rebel with a cause, maybe, but no consequence, doomed to join God Hand as one of gaming’s unrequited gags. But its place in history is secure. The goal of Seropian’s rebellion wasn’t just to have a giggle, toy with tradition and maybe make some money on the side. It was to prove that you could do those things. That a medium-sized budget, licensed engine (in this case, Halo’s) and tiny in-house team could buy you the chance to be different – and for once get away with it.
Stubbs the Zombie was released for the Mac in 2005 and follows Stubbs journey from the grave to his rampage through the picturesque city of Punchbowl to find his long lost love.

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