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Friday, February 16, 2007

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Jeff Vogel: RPG Hater?
2:05 PM | Marcus Albers | 6 comments

In an article posted over at IGN's RPG Vault, Avernum creator Jeff Vogel makes some suprising statements about the very genre of game that he has spent so much time creating.

[The] games I write are no better. They do exactly the same thing. Sure, it might be cool to make a game where your character starts out a level 50 badass and then just trashes bozos. But it just wouldn't sell as well. The addictive, statistic-increasing, time-eating quality isn't the problem with these games. It's the point.

I'm tired of starting a new game and being a loser. I'm tired of running the same errands to prove myself. The next time I enter my fantasy world, I want it to not assume that I'm a jackass.

So now, thinking about playing an RPG just makes me tired. I may play one again someday. All I need is a huge surplus of time oppressing me that I need to kill with extreme prejudice. And, until that happens, unless a game can be finished in under 10 to 12 hours, I'm not interested.

Head over the the RPG Vault to read the rest of Jeff's View From the Bottom article.

RPG Rault: Jeff Vogel's View From the Bottom
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