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Thursday, February 8, 2007

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Tac Ops: Crossfire Updated
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Tactical Operations: Crossfire, the modification for Unreal Tournament 2004, has been updated to beta 1.6.
The update adds many new features and fixes, as well as a new map. Here's a breakdown:

A brand new map, OBJ-Infernum from somb]I[ - Fast action, wide streets, no clutter and locations for every weapon to have it's use. Infernum shows once again that somb]I[ knows his gameplay and has a great visual style that is distinctive. Grab your guns and hit the pavement!

Improved weapon balance - Shotguns have had an overhaul to ensure that up close they deliver the same punch but at greater distances they are as effective as the price and weapon class deserves.

Map fixes, performance, bugs and visuals in a few of our maps got a tickle. No more hiding in the walls on Richelieu.

New firemode for AK47/M4a1: Tracer fire - Lay down tracer fire tactically to direct fire for team mates, crap in your pants when they fly past your head.

Blood! Yes, there is more blood. Directional hit effects mean that bullets leave an exit wound which helps team mates see where you were shot from.

Improved effects - More different muzzleflashes for weapons to better see who is shooting at you from distance.

Exploits blocked - We've blocked a few avenues with 1.6

The beta is available for download and requires Unreal Tournament 2004 for Mac, Windows or Linux. The creators report that version 2.0 is on its way, though no release date is given at this time.

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Tactical Operations: Crossfire

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