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Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Macworld Expo 2007 Keynote
9:04 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 2 comments

The 2007 Macworld Expo Keynote, delivered by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, has just begun at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Stay tuned to Inside Mac Games for up to the minute coverage of Apple's announcements as they become available.

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10:50 - The iPhone will be available in June. $499 for 4 GB model with a 2 year contract. $599 for 8 GB model. Will be available through Cingular in June in the US. Fourth quarter in Europe. 2008 for Asia.
9:43 - Jobs announces a revolutionary product called the iPhone. The device has no buttons but instead uses a multi-touch screen interface running on top of Mac OS X. The iPhone has built-in networking, apps, core animation and has video/audio capabilities. Syncs with iTunes just like an iPod and can also sync address book, calendars, and more. 2 megalpixel camera, 8 GB storage, 3G radio. 3.5-inch screen with 160 pixels per inch. Visual voice mail, GSM/EDGE. The iPhone also features rich html email, safari web browser, google maps, widgets, and Wi-Fi + Edge ntworking! Jobs says 5 hours of battery life. 16 hours of audio playback.
9:28 - Apple TV debuts (formally known as iTV). The device can stream movies (directly from Apple), show video and photos, play music, etc. WiFi enabled, Ethernet, USB 2.0 HDMI, component video. It can sync recent movies and store it on the onboard 40 MB hard drive. Comes with simple Apple remote. Priced at $299 and will ship in February.
9:25 - Jobs shows off new iPod ads to the keynote crowd.
9:21 - iPod Nano most popular MP3 player. Two billion songs sold on iTunes. iTunes sells 58 songs per second (5 million per day). 50 million shows sold through iTunes.
9:19 - Fifty percent of Macs sold in the USA are to first time Mac buyers
9:16 - Jobs says Apple has completed Intel transition in 7 months, instead of the anticipated 12 months.
9:15 - Steve Jobs takes the stage

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