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Thursday, January 4, 2007

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Apple Games Features Imperial Glory
8:08 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The latest feature from Apple Games examines Imperial Glory, Feral Interactive's recent Mac port of Pyro Games' strategy title set in the Napoleonic Wars. The game allows players to pursue diplomacy and resource management in turn based mode before switcing to real time for resolution of military conflicts. As well as offering a review of the game the article includes a brief run down of the five playable nations featured in Imperial Glory.

Imperial Glory puts you in control of one of five major Old European powers: France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, or Prussia. Many other computer-controlled nations — including Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and Poland — also exist in the game, and you can also make peace or war with any of them.

The main action takes place on the management map in turn-based fashion, allowing you to thoroughly consider your decisions as you recruit military units, order the construction of buildings, and examine your empire’s relationships with other nations. You must carefully balance the production of gold, raw materials, food, and population against the strain you place on those resources as you expand your military and economy.

A fifth resource, research points, allows you to develop new technologies, which take many turns to implement, depending on their complexity. Those advances in turn open up new areas of research, some of which activate quests, such as deciphering the Rosetta Stone or implementing a continental blockade. Successfully complete a quest and your empire will gain new buildings or units, sympathy points from other nations, or other rewards.
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