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Tuesday, January 2, 2007
Alky Project Announced, Promising Windows Games in OS X
4:50 PM | Anthony Wang | 17 comments

Fallen Leaf has announced Project Alky promising to bring high quality Windows games to Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Project Alky uses "Alky converters" to convert binaries of games from one operating system to another. The technology behind this program at this time is vague, but clarifications by IMG members and the lead engineer of Project Alky determined the technology used Project Alky is not based on WINE, as previously stated in this news article.

While Wine, at this point, is certainly a far more mature offering than Alky in certain regards, it falls well short in crucial areas including speed, overhead, and the inability to support the coming age of 64 bit computing.

Each Alky Converter will solve these issues by converting a specific Windows game into a fully native OSX or Linux executable. Alky is fully 64 bit capable and has no Wine-like server architecture to provide unnecessary overhead and speed degradation.

Project Alky appears to be concentrating on Mac gaming, unlike other offerings which have had little to no success with games.
-Exclusive sneak peak access to development builds of Alky Converters.
-When you signup now, you will immediately receive access to the first ever alpha release of Alky which will convert the Prey Demo to run natively on OSX with full surround sound support! (Intel-based Macs only. Linux support coming soon)
-Free access to all future Alky Converters. Current titles being worked on are Prey, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Neverwinter Nights 2
While we can't guarantee which gaming titles we will finish and release, we can guarantee that every converter for every title that we do finish and release will be provided free of charge to all Sapling members. The ESRP for these converters will be initially set at $20 each.
-Exclusive voting rights in the Polling Station (Coming Soon)
-Wanting to see a particular title converted? Vote for it!
-Discounts on games for Windows, OSX, and Linux provided by our partners (50+ titles coming soon)
-This gaming membership alone will begin being sold for $20 per year beginning in 2007. As a Sapling member, you receive lifetime access!
-Members only Forum access to interact with fellow Sapling members, Alky engineers, and Falling Leaf Systems management.
-Let your voice be heard! Drop in to interact with fellow Sapling members or post questions or concerns for us here at Falling Leaf. We will do our best to be as responsive as possible.
-Members only scheduled chats with Falling Leaf Systems staff
-The first chat will be held in January with Alky lead Engineer Cody Brocious
-Access to staff member blogs (Coming Soon)
-Access to our events calendar (Coming Soon)
Interested users will have to pay $50 to join the project to receive the benefits above. Please follow the links below to learn more information.

Alky Project featuring Prey
Falling Leaf
Video: Alky Project

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Archives  News  Alky Project Announced, Promising Windows Games in OS X