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Friday, October 20, 2006

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IMG Interviews Postal's Steve Wik
1:47 PM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

Today IMG posted and interview with Steve Wik, lead designer on Postal 2. Steve talks about the history of the Postal series, legal controversies, and the Mac audience. From the IMG interview:

IMG: Speaking of game engines, when designing a game, do you keep in mind the technical limitations or cross-platform availability of a game engine and choose technology that will get you the widest possible audience?

Steve Wik: No, I personally try not to get too concerned about that stuff until we’re actually implementing the technology. At the design stage, I try to come up with ideas that will be really cool and fun, and then, if there are issues, we’ll come up solutions. Postal 1 didn’t really have any problems getting onto the Mac. With Postal 2, we were using the Unreal engine, so it was a no-brainer. Once the engine got ported to all platforms, it worked just as well on any platform, so we decided to support everyone. We would like to continue that. With our Mac group, our Mac fans have always been so… grateful that we made a game for them.

IMG: I was expecting you were going to say that we’re a hard group of people to please.

Vince Desi (walking into the room): We’ve always wanted to do Mac support. When Postal 1 came out, there was an immediately negative vibe from some Mac users as well, but only because Mac people can’t be more activist.

To read the entire interview, click the link below.

IMG Interview with Postal's Steve Wik

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