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Monday, October 16, 2006

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Apple Games Features Bone: Out From Boneville
8:47 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games has posted a new game feature, this time examining Bone: Out from Boneville. Based on Jeff Smith's comic book characters, B: OFB is the first in an episodic adventure series following events in the comics. Apple's feature examines the game and offers a few comments from those involved in its creation.

Jeff Smith, who is a long-time Mac user, consulted on the game’s creation, ensuring that the Telltale team stayed true to his vision. “He wasn’t shy about giving us pointers and feedback on how the characters should look or sound, or how different aspects of the world should feel or work,” (game designer) Heather Logas explains. “At the same time, he is very respectful of the work we do and is really happy to let us tell the story in our own unique way.”

She continues, “he sees it as more of an adaptation than as a retelling of the story, so he loves any little embellishments we add, or if we tell the same story from a different character’s viewpoint.”

Smith chimes in to note: “I didn’t want too tight a hold — I mean, what do I know about making games? But when it came to how the Bones looked, or sounded, or even the flow of the story, they made everything just the way I wanted.”

To read the rest of the feature click on the link below.

Apple Games: Bone Out From Boneville
Vanbrio Entertainment
Bone Act 1: Out from Boneville

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Archives  News  Apple Games Features Bone: Out From Boneville