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Friday, September 30, 2005

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Shadowbane Patch Testing
6:00 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Ubisoft has posted that they have begun implementing the October Content patch for the massively multiplayer online game Shadowbane by placing the update on the test server. Although this isn't the complete update, Ubisoft is looking for players to test out their latest patch. There is more information on their website on how to access the test server.

A few of the features being tested:

Added new directional arrows for Groups.
The Leader Arrow (gold) is always up for other members of the group.
Clicking on a Member in the Group Window will create a Groupmate Arrow (blue) for that individual; this arrow will remove if someone else is selected
When an enchantment that is cast on an item disappears, the mouse over for that enchantment will now expire.
Dynamic Lighting is now turned OFF by default for new installations.
Texture Compression is now turned OFF by default for new installations.
Please follow the links below to learn more information.

Shadowbane Patch Testing
Wolfpack Studios

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