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Friday, September 23, 2005

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World of Warcraft Plague Spreads
8:03 AM | Blake Buck | 7 comments

IGN recently posted an article addressing some issues many players were having with rampant plagues on some servers in World of Warcraft, the popular online RPG by Blizzard Entertainment. Through an exploit in an instanced dungeon, players were able to transmit a highly leathal plague across several zones on a server. From the IGN article:

A new instanced dungeon, Zul'Gurub, has opened up, and one of the monsters within has an attack that infects the player with a spreadable disease inflicting 263 to 337 damage every 2 seconds. It cannot be cured by spells, potions, or other abilities available to players, and was not apparently intended to spread outside of the instance. One of the features of WoW is the ability to teleport back to a capital city once an hour, which proves to be very problematic in this situation.
Thankfully, Blizzard was able to respond quickly and fixed the situation before it escalated any further. To view the entire IGN article, click the link below.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
IGN Article - World of Warcraft Gets Plagued
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