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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

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Dragon Of Death Takes Flight
8:46 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Pierre H. Vachon has released Dragon of Death, a new 3rd-party scenario for Fantasoft's turn based RPG Realmz. The second installment in the Prince of Death Cycle, Dragon of Death continues the tale begun in Dead of Night, and follows a band of heroes as they struggle against prophecy. This time the heroes must face the mother of all evil dragons while attempting to prevent the prophecy of the seer Zoniax of Southgate from being fulfilled.

Here's a bit more detail on the scenario:

- The scenario is quite large; indeed, it includes the following: 11 land levels, 8 indoor levels (castles, inns, shops, taverns, ruins, etc.), 1 '3D-dungeon' level, and 1 underground level. In other words, there is a lot of fun stuff to do in this scenario, in addition to the main story. Unfortunately, you will be able to do it all only if you register (registration cost: $10.00 only!), although there is still a nice deal for you to explore and experience before registration is required;

- Some 290 monsters for 555+ possible battles, along with some 99-odd new items, 15 available special characters (NPC's), some 30+ major villainous personae to contend with, and countless other characters (from bartenders to Great Kings and Queens) for the players to interact with;

- The scenario has a complex plot and full story, coupled to a textured background setting (no skimming on the details!) along with rich dialogs, good drama, extended freedom of choice for the players, many riddles and puzzles to solve, etc.

DoD is designed for a group of 6 characters beginning at an average level of 25 to 26. Registration of the scenario is $10. Vachon is also the creator of The Sword Lands Trilogy, three official scenarios written for Realmz. For more information follow the links below. The scenario can be downloaded at

Dragon Of Death Website
Dead Of Night Website
Dragon of Death 8.0
Psion's Sanctum Sanctorum

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