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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy v1.01 Mac Patch Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Battlefront.com has announced the release of an update to the recent 1.01 patch for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. The update fixes a permission glitch in the installer and is recommended for Mac users who downloaded the 1.01 update before July 22.

The World War II war game is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher and drops players into the midst of tactical land warfare in western France during World War II.

A small permission glitch in the patch "installer" has necessitated an update to the v1.01 Mac patch for CM Battle for Normandy. This is ONLY for the MAC version of the patch. If you have the PC version, this update does not apply to you.

Mac users: please re-download and re-install the v1.01 Mac patch form one of the updated links we provide today. This applies to any Mac user who downloaded the v1.01 patch prior to 7/22.

Follow the link below to get the latest patch information.

Battlefront: Combat Mission Battle For Normandy Patch
Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy
Buy Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy

Galaxiki 2.5 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new update for Galaxiki was recently released. Version 2.5 of the wiki based editable online galaxy includes over 100 new additions including the ability to edit solar system physics, the option to add or edit planetary rings, the unveiling of a new search engine.

In July 2011 Galaxiki 2.5 is taking us to the next level, offering over 100 new features, changes and tweaks.

There are more editable planetary physics (size, mass, density, number of moons...), planets can now have rings, there's a new search engine and a newsfeed showing edited systems.

You can rate solar systems and leave comments, bookmark your favourite solar systems and add personal notes, you immediately see who edited a solar system and edited solar systems are visible on a users homepage.

You can set your current status (what am I doing right now?), give awards to other users, bookmark favourite users and add personal notes.

Galaxiki is a fictional online galaxy that can be edited by its community. Each star, each planet and each moon is represented by a wiki page that can be edited by its site members. Users can make changes to solar systems, add creatures and write stories. One of the main goals is to invent and write collaborative stories, which requires users to make sure their solar system histories remain compatible.

It's a social web2.0 site for science fiction, space and fantasy addicts. You'll instantly feel at home if you're familiar with Google maps, Wikipedia and social sites such as Facebook or Google plus for example.

Galaxiki membership and editing community stars is free. Some users want to own a personal solar system that cannot be edited by other members, therefore its possible to get a personal system by making a donation (you can give as much as you want, starting at $1). The site itself is being financed through donations and a small amount of advertising.

Head over to the page below to learn more.

Galaxiki 2.5 Feature List

Freeverse Discontinues Some Mac Games After Lion OS Release
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Freeverse recently announced it would be discontinuing some of its older Mac game titles due to incompatibilities with Apple's recently released OS 10.7. The company promised to continue offering support to those who play the discontinued titles with previous versions of OS X.

We here at Freeverse have been focusing on creating fantastic mobile games like Fantastic Fish, Skee-Ball and Flick Fishing. Of course with said focus on mobile games, some of our Mac titles have not gotten the attention that we would have liked to provide them.

Rather than leaving our customers with a sub-par experience running certain titles under OS X Lion, and in light of phasing out our GameSmith service later this summer, we've made the hard decision to discontinue the following titles:
    Burning Monkey Casino
    Burning Monkey Mahjong
    Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
    Burning Monkey Solitaire
    3D Bridge
    3D Crazy 8s
    Euchre Deluxe
    Hearts Deluxe
    Spades Deluxe
    X-Words Deluxe
Click over to the link below to read more.

Freeverse News: It's Been A Swell Party

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Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC Discussed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released a new interview with Bioware's Fernando Melo about the upcoming Legacy DLC addition for Dragon Age 2. Among other things the developer discussed how player feedback, specifically some of the criticism the game has received, has influenced the creation of Legacy.

“We really had to go back to the storyboard after the launch of Dragon Age II, to take in the feedback and figure out, how do make our content better?” Melo says. He warns that the scope of what the studio can achieve in a single DLC installment is limited, but “hopefully, people see this not as everything we’re doing [to respond to feedback], but rather as a first step toward addressing some of their points.”

Is he nervous about the upcoming release? “That’s a good question,” Melo says — though apparently not good enough for a direct answer. “If somebody comes in and they’re expecting that this single DLC is going to solve everything — whatever everything is for them — then clearly this is not going to meet their expectations. If it’s somebody that enjoys DA2, they will absolutely love it. If it’s somebody that enjoys the lore and story of Dragon Age, I think they’ll absolutely love it. If somebody was kind of on the fence with DA2 and they’re still willing to come in with an open mind and give it a chance, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised with what they find here. Hopefully.”
Read more at the page below.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: DA2 Expand-O-Pack: Better, Tougher, Morer
Dragon Age II: Legacy
Dragon Age 2
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