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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Rage Trailer Unveiled
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 22 comments

id Software has added a new trailer to the official website for the upcoming Rage, a new title scheduled to be released on September 13, 2011. The post-apocalyptic action game combines elements of racing and shooting titles with a dash of role playing thrown in for good measure.

"We've released a new trailer for RAGE – featuring an original track, Burning Jacob's Ladder, by singer Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins)."

RAGE is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, leaving a ravaged world behind. You emerge into this vast wasteland to discover humanity working to rebuild itself against such forces as bandit gangs, mutants, and the Authority – an oppressive government regime that has a special interest in you in particular. Featuring intense first-person shooter action, breakneck vehicle combat, an expansive world to explore and jaw-dropping graphics powered by id’s revolutionary id Tech 5 technology, RAGE promises an experience like no other.

Fearing a planet-wide extinction from a massive asteroid headed towards Earth, world leaders are faced with the inexorable task of ensuring human survival. Left with few alternatives, life-sustaining pods filled with select people are buried deep beneath the earth’s surface. You are one of the chosen members of these modern day arks and abruptly enter the RAGE universe after surfacing alone. Leaving you to your own devices to stay alive in a world filled with those who prefer you dead, RAGE combines powerful storytelling with heart-pounding action.
Click over to the site below to check out the new trailer.

id Software
Rage: Campaign Edition
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IMG Reviews Majesty 2: Kingmaker
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a new review of Virtual Programming's Majesty 2: Kingmaker. The first expansion for the fantasy kingdom sim introduces a new campaign, new monsters, a new hero, and the addition of a mission creator toolset.

Here's an excerpt from the review:

Kingmaker, brought to Macs by Virtual Programming, brings a straightforward plot to the table. The kingdom of Ardania needs your help, once again. A foul creature of unknown identity is organizing monsters to attack your cities! If you think this sounds quite like the plot in all Majesty 2 episodes, you'd be right. It's time again for you to build guilds, hire heroes, set reward flags, and watch your level 28 wizard slaughter everything in his path.
Head over to the link below to read the full review.

IMG Review: Majesty 2 Kingmaker
Virtual Programming
Majesty 2: Kingmaker
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Telltale To Develop The Walking Dead, Fables Games
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a recent interview on the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog, Telltale Games' Steve Allison announced two new future game projects. The company has signed an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop games based on Vertigo's Fables graphic novel and AMC's The Walking Dead horror mini series, itself based on a graphic novel.

With these new blockbuster titles coming soon, Allison said the goal is to produce a title that hits one million digital downloads, and thinks “The Walking Dead” could become a $20 million to 30 million franchise if all goes well.

However, licensing content from movie studios or other publishers has not always been a recipe for success. Steep fees and up-front guarantees have buried companies in the game industry in the not-too-distant past. ”‘See the movie, play the game’ doesn’t work anymore,” Allison acknowledges, “but the way we make content, it does.”
Read the full interview at the link below.

All Things Digital: Telltale Interview
Telltale Games

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Love & Order Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Winter Wolves has announced the release of Love & Order, an otome / dating sim game released in collaboration with Christine Love. In the game players help Dana Larose solve a mystery, meet her deadlines, and perhaps find love.

Take on the role of Dana Larose, a young woman starting her career as a secretary in the Crown Attorney's office. The office is both overworked and understaffed, so you'll have to work out whose projects you help with accordingly. Will you be able to unravel the mystery being covered up, balance the stress of juggling overtime for everyone, and still manage to find love...?

The game features beautiful manga artwork, captivating gameplay and a relaxing soundtrack. In the classic tradition of dating sims, you can pursue four characters, three men and one woman. The game is completely family friendly and easy to pick up and play.

Beside working in the office, completing several tasks for the various characters, you'll also be able to investigate on a mysteriously abandoned case on your own, leading to a different game ending.

Love & Order is can be purchased now for US$19.99. A free demo is also available. Check out the links below to learn more.

Winter Wolves
Love & Order

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