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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Vendetta Online Free Trial Includes Special Edition Vulture
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Game developer Guild Software and gaming site have teamed up once again to offer a limited number of free 21-day trial keys for Guild's Vendetta Online sci-fi MMO. In addition to the 21 days of free play the trial keys also gives access to a special edition 5th Anniversary Edition of the Vulture space vessel. and Guild Software are pleased to present this very special trial offer for Vendetta Online - the sci-fi space MMORPG! These trial keys will give you 21 days of unlimited access to the game world! Get your key while supplies last!

These keys give 21 days of free play, along with access to a special edition, limited-access ship (Vulture Anniversary Edition). The ship is made available to any characters created on the account where the key is applied, from now on. Be advised, the lower-level anniversary ship is only available in Capitol stations, so the player must progress out of the initial "training" sector before they will find it. There is also a high-level version of the ship in Corvus space.

Don't miss the all new HD trailer for Vendetta Online available at this link. You can also check them out on Facebook here.
Click over to the links below for more information about the contest and to check out the game's HD trailer on YouTube. Vendetta Online Free Trial Giveaway
YouTube Vendetta Online HD Video
Guild Software
Strategy First
Vendetta Online

Zuma's Revenge! Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac|Life has published a new review of PopCap Games' Zuma's Revenge! In Zuma players take the role of a fearless ball-shooting frog, exploring ancient temples and ruins. By firing colored spheres into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more, the frog blasts his way through a series of arcade challenges. Mac|Life gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

The sequel to Zuma doesn’t change the fundamental gameplay: You’re a frog who shoots colored balls at an advancing train (or trains) of colored balls, trying to match three colors to make them disappear. The trains double back on each other, making it hard to get the right shot, and the balls just keep on coming until you rack up enough points to fill the Zuma meter. Then no new balls emerge from the start point, but you still have to clear all the balls on the board before they advance to the end point--or you lose.

To assist you, Zuma’s Revenge tosses in power-up balls, including three new ones not seen in the last game. You’ll get to explode parts of the train, shoot lasers, fire cannonball spray, eliminate all the balls of one color, slow down or reverse the train, and so on.

The frog doesn’t even stay fixed. In some levels, he jumps between two vantage points to shoot from. Other levels let the frog slide back and forth on a track. After every 10 levels you’ll fight a boss character, who showers you with obstacles that slow you down, make the balls wildly change colors, and more. The linear, 60-level Adventure mode doesn’t let you progress until you beat each level, but save points, free lives, and a generous continue system ebb the frustration.
Head over to the link below to read the full review.

Mac|Life: Zuma's Revenge
PopCap Games
Zuma's Revenge!

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EVE Online: Pirate Mission Arcs Explored
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A newly posted EVE Online developer blog features more information about upcoming epic pirate mission arcs planned for the Dominion expansion coming in December. The blog post includes a brief description of the missions as well as answers to questions about the new pirate arcs. The Dominion update for the sci-fi MMO will focus on alliance warfare and will feature an overhauled sovereignty system, new epic mission arcs for pirate factions, and the first version of EVE's COSMOS social networking platform.

We have two new epic arcs on the way for Dominion, both centered on pirate factions, namely the Guristas and the Angel Cartel. With these arcs, you can fly with the 'rats in 0.0, looting and plundering and fighting like only they know how. But first, I'll give you a brief description of both arcs:

Guristas arc, "Smash and Grab"
Not all is well in Venal, the home of the Guristas pirates. The Caldari Navy have slowly infiltrated the region, setting up small outposts and fleet bunkers in pirate territory, hoping to bring some sense of peace and order to the lawless area. But the Guristas have a plan, and they are enlisting you to aid in the pushback. Using guerilla tactics and stealthy maneuvers, you will assist the pirates as they engage the Navy in widespread sabotage. From the theft of secret ship design, to traversing Navy minefields, kamikaze warfare, double-crossing agents, and sadistic spies, you will aid the Guristas in their ongoing turf war in the outer limits of space.

Angels arc, "Angel Sound"
For years the Angel Cartel has been the undisputed master of both advanced and ancient technology among the pirate factions. But with the appearance of wormholes and the discovery of Sleeper technology, that advantage is at risk of disappearing. Cartel agents are recruiting capsuleers for missions of sabotage and destruction aimed at preserving the technological edge of the Angels. You will travel through Angel and Serpentis space, along the way destroying Sansha exploration teams, fighting off Gurista raids, and showing the Empires the dangers of encroaching into pirate space.

Visit the site below to read the rest.

EVE Online Blog: Pirate Mission Arcs Explained
CCP Games
EVE Online

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City Of Heroes - Super Booster IV: Martial Arts Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

NCSoft recently announced the release of City of Heroes Super Booster IV: Martial Arts, a new set of hand-to-hand themed costumes, emotes, change techniques, and powers available for purchase from the NCSoft store. SBIV:MA enables the new features for all characters on an account.

Martial Arts themed costume set:
The Martial Arts themed male, female and huge costume parts include robes, shoulders, legs, gloves, footwear, mask, belt and head pieces, as well as new hair styles, chest emblems, and weapons. Male and huge characters also have the option to select the top knot hair style, while females will have the option for braided buns!

Character Emotes:
/em bringit
/em pushup
Costume Change Emotes:
Activate the following martial arts themed 'costume change emotes' using the costume change interface, selectable from the main Menu.
Ninja Leap

Ninja Run power:
Dash through the city with the agility of a ninja! The Ninja Run power is a travel power enabled through the purchase of Super Booster IV: Martial Arts and is available for use at level 4. Use Ninja Run to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies as you increase your run speed and leaping abilities, and the best part? It doesn't use one of your power selections!

This purchase enables these features for all characters on your game account from level 1, but the costume change emotes do require that you unlock at least one additional costume slot. This can be accomplished by completing costume slot missions at levels 20, 30, and 40; and by using Halloween Event salvage (which can also be bought, sold or traded via the in-game Consignment Houses).
For more information follow the links provided below.

NCSoft Store: CoH Super Booster IV Martial Arts
City of Heroes
Buy City of Heroes

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