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Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Peggle, Sonic, And Bomberman Now On iPod
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Apple has added three new titles to its growing collection of games for the iPod multimedia device. Peggle, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Bomberman bring all the brick bashing, ring collecting, and boss blasting of the originals to 3rd generation iPod Nanos, iPod Classics, and 5th generation iPods.

Take your best shot with energizing arcade fun! Aim, shoot, and clear the orange pegs, then sit back and cheer as 10 whimsical teachers guide you to Peggle greatness. Conquer 55 fanciful levels with 10 mystical Magic Powers, racking up bonus points and shots. Face off against your friends in Duel Mode, or tackle 75 extra-tricky challenges. Can you become a Peggle Master?

- Master 10 Magic Powers and 55 levels
- Conquer 75 Master challenges
- Play with friends in Pass 'N' Play Duel Mode
- Enjoy sophisticated graphics and great music

Sonic The Hedgehog:
The original ground-breaking title makes its debut on the iPod! Rocket Sonic, the fastest blue hedgehog on earth, through hair-raising loop-de-loops and dizzying dives past bubbling lava, warterfalls and on as you gather up Rings and stop Dr. Eggamn's schemes for world domination! The mad doctor has turned all of Sonic's friends into mechanical monsters, and it's up to the legendary "blue blur" to save them.

- Unlimited continues allow players to enjoy the title without having to restart
- Save on any stage
- Two control styles: one-handed and two-handed
- Built in tutorial to help players get started
- Conquer mind-bending special stages to collect Chaos Emeralds
- Battle increasingly challenging end-level bosses
- Blaze through stage at super sonic speed
- All six of the stages from the original classic

Ready, set, BOOM! Everybody's favorite Bomberman action has made its way to the iPod! The simple rules and rich gameplay are sure to guarantee you a blast! Beat all enemies to clear each stage, then face the boss. Clearing stages fast gets you more points! Go for a high score, play at your own pace, or just stick to the explosive mini games. Choose from 2 different game modes: Normal Mode to clear each stage in order, or Challenge Mode to select any stage and go for a high score!

- Controls are intuitive for great gameplay
- 20 Exciting Stage levels, and 1 Original Boss Stage -- an iPod exclusive!
- 3 exciting mini games: Bomb Rollin', Bomb Buster, and Bowling for Bombs
- 2 game modes: Normal Mode to clear each stage in order, and CHallenge Mode to select any stage and play Score Attack
- Stop and resume gameplay at any time
- Listen to the game music, or your own custom songs while playing

All three games cost $4.99 and are available for download from the iTunes store. Follow the links below for more information.

iTunes Store: Peggle
iTunes Store: Sonic The Hedgehog
iTunes Store: Bomberman

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Penguins Arena Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Frogames has released a Christmas update for Penguins Arena - Sedna's World. The update brings the game to version 1.3 and introduces new costumes for the penguins, two new maps, an all new unlimited weapons game mode, along with several bug fixes and game optimizations.

This update is totally free. All registred users will get this new version for no additional fees and for future users, the price of the game hasn't changed ($19.95 USD).

This update brings new hilarious costumes for your penguin, two new maps and a great new “unlimited weapons” game mode.

This “Christmas Update” for "Penguins Arena - Sedna's world" is our special gift for you ... Frogames wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Head over to the links below to download the updated version of the game.

Penguins Arena: Sedna's World

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Ten Ton Hammer has posted a new review of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. The game allows thousands of players to experience the adventures made famous in the films and explore beyond those boundaries in a quest to become the most legendary pirate on the high seas. Ten Ton gave the game a score of 3 out of 5.

From the review:

Wasps are the least of your worries in PiratesOnline.
You fittingly began your life as a pirate in jail. None other than Cap'n Jack Sparrow will help you break out and give you the hook up with a connection to get a sword. From there, you'll transport to the starting area where you'll go through a pretty nice tutorial. You'll learn the arts of sword fighting, hone your skills on fighting with a  gun, gain insight on how to use voodoo magic, and even practice commanding a ship. The game does a good job of providing on-screen illustrations to accompany the instructions you'll receive.

While your first instinct may be to turn combat into a mouse-click spam marathon, it's actually a little deeper than that. The first basic special combat move you learn involves clicking once to start the attack and then clicking once again in the apex of the back swing to perform the special move. It took me a while to get down the timing for this little maneuver because I had to battle my assumption that the best way to fight was to constantly click the mouse until everything died (thanks Dungeons & Dragons Online !).

Once you've gotten the basics, you're ready to live the pirate's life to the fullest. On land, this involves conducting a series of quests, most of the kill x sphincter beetles variety. The enemies range from undead to henchmen of the East India Trading Company. All die without blood and gore, so it's very young person safe. At sea, you can fight with other ships. This is the area of the game that best lends itself to multiplayer, as one player navigates the ship while others attack the opponents.
Read the rest of the review at the link provided below.

Ten Ton Hammer:PotCO Review
Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Hidden Relics Released For Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story and Toybox Games have announced the release of Hidden Relics for the Macintosh. The popular Windows game is now available for Mac users. In the game players help the Professor track down hundreds of stolen antiques as they travel the globe to retrieve priceless antiques and hidden artifacts.

Priceless antiques have been stolen and hidden throughout Europe. The Professor calls upon her star student Adrianna to help her retrieve stolen antiques. You will help Adrianna evade the evil thief as she travels Europe to locate the stolen antiques. Along the way you'll be able to get gadgets that help you uncover secret priceless artifacts from Mr. Gadget after solving fun puzzles.

- 9 Unique Mini Games
- Hours of Hidden Object Fun
- 40 Secret Hidden Items
- Beautiful Hi-Res Graphics

Hidden Relics for the Mac is available for $19.95 through, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. A free Universal Binary demo version of the game is available for download.

Buy Hidden Relics

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Apple Games Features GameTap
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games has posted a new article featuring the recently upgraded GameTap service for Mac users. Although limited in comparison to the Windows version, the new Mac client now offers access to over 500 games from 13 platforms. The article examines the service and includes commentary from Rick Sanchez, vice-president of content and creative director for the online service, as well as a brief history of the platforms emulated.

Even though many of these games have been around for two or three decades, their core design still attracts players young and old, says Sanchez. “The casual games market owes a huge amount of its success to the gameplay mechanics of classic games,” he observes, “so it’s really no surprise that playing Puyo Puyo or Root Beer Tapper or Magical Drop resonates with people. They don’t care how old the games are.”

He adds: “A lot of kids also connect with GameTap because these games hold up. Something like Galaga hasn’t aged much.”

In addition, there’s no way to easily play these games anywhere but GameTap, Sanchez says. “For example, you have to buy a Dreamcast and a copy of Crazy Taxi if you want to play it without GameTap,” he explains. “And a lot of these DOS games only work on GameTap. As someone who’s gone through so many consoles, I love GameTap. I’ve gotten rid of boxes and boxes of stuff.”
Head over to the site below to read the rest of the feature article.

Apple Games: GameTap Feature

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